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Is it really the end of September already? What a wonderful first month of preschool it has been at Reach! All the children seem to have settled in to their new routines extremely well. We have enjoyed watching new friendships blossoming and the reconnecting of friends from last year. You should all be very proud of your little ones as they are doing an amazing job of learning their new routines, being responsible helpers, and thoughtful friends.


We will be going on field trips to the pumpkin patch at Westham Island Herb Farm at 4690 Kirkland Road on Thursday October 19 and Friday, October 20.We will meet at the herb farm at 10:15 a.m. each morning as our tour time begins promptly at 10:30 a.m. Directions to the herb farm are available at the preschool.

The cost of the field trip is $7.00 per child age 2 years and up. The fees for the field trip will be collected at the preschool (cash only) prior to the field trip days.

Children who are in the 4-hour program are welcome to return to preschool afterward to finish their class time and have lunch.


We would like to remind parents that there are no regular preschool sessions Tuesday Oct 10, Wednesday Oct 11. We will be holding our Support Plan Meetings for the children who are receiving extra support at the preschool.


Cold season is upon us, it is very hard for sick children to be expected to cope with the busy routine at preschool and also very unfair to other families and staff to be exposed to unnecessary germs. If you are in doubt as to whether your child should attend preschool or not, please phone in advance of dropping them off


Each year the preschool may have children enrolled who suffer from severe allergies to a number of things, the most common one being peanut and nut products. Therefore, we maintain a nut free environment at the preschool. We ask that NO NUTS or food containing nut products be brought to school for snack. If your children have had peanut butter or any other nut product at breakfast or lunch, we ask that you ensure that they have thoroughly washed their hands and faces before coming to preschool. Please make sure to read all labels before bringing snack for school. Reach Preschool encourages healthy, natural snacks for the children and encourages families to avoid cookies, chocolate or any high fructose syrup.


October is a very busy month for us! We will be discussing the fall season and observing all the changes this time of year brings. Our field trip will enhance our appreciation of this colorful season. Halloween preparations will be in the works, too!Halloween is almost as important as Christmas in the life of a three and four-year-old. The children are welcome to wear simple, comfortable costumes so they can move about freely and comfortably in the classroom and bathroom. If your child wears a costume that they might want to take off, please make sure that he/she has clothes to change into. Please avoid sending your child with a mask, pretend gun, sword or lightsaber, as these can be unsafe in a preschool environment. Please refrain from sending candies and sweets.


There are still a number of parents who have not brought in their children’s 5 photos and their comfort kits. Please bring in these items as soon as possible so that we can get the children’s cubbies and circle pictures set up. Thank you.


We would like to remind parents that the children need appropriate clothing for outdoor play on a daily basis. We try to get outside every day, even for 10 or 15 minutes. All of the children should have rain jackets, extra sweaters and hats on a daily basis. We see that many of our children have brought in their rain pants. Thank you for doing that. Also, please remember that the children need a bike helmet if they wish to use the bikes and wagons.


The teachers Adele and Jean together with our support workers Nelam, Yashmin and Gaganpreet are excited and happy to be with your children and strive to provide an environment rich in possibilities to explore, think, deduce and discover.

Oshrat Zemel is the preschool coordinator; she will be at the preschool every Wednesdays and Thursdays. You can also contact her via email: oshratz@reachchild.org